Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies

Imagine you are a knight or a warrioress set on a battle field, opposite you are several hardened villains. A grey knight named Darkness, a bleak assassin named Death, a liar named Defeat, and a devil dripping in blood with no name at all are all aligned against you in battle formation. Each of these foes opposes you with an enslaved army. Just as you are to engage in battle a royal trumpet sounds and onto the field arrives the King’s coach along with two wagons. All have large white steeds pulling them into your company and into the presence of your enemies.  The king steps out and directs his servants to bring out of a polished mahogany table and set it before you. Then he covers the solid table with a beautiful pure white tablecloth. Then from the wagons comes golden trays of food and bejeweled goblets of the finest wines. The the King himself invites you to sit and enjoy your meal.

what it says 

Can you imagine what your enemies would think about this? They couldn’t help but be impressed with expression of authority. They would be intimidated by the sense of confidence invested in you. They would be shocked by the audacity of the king’s show of supremacy. It must be hard to be threatening and scary when your prey is feasting before you.

what it does

Keep in mind that the feast itself is an actual victory. The blessings of that feast cannot be taken away. Regardless of the coming battle those enemies cannot remove the pleasure of being so favored by the King. And they cannot steal the strength gained from the nourishment. And what carnival of flavors has his highness laid out for his warrior?

“love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith”

what it don’t

So now lets imagine what kind of message we are sending to our enemies if we just ignore the royal meal. If we just sit there and stress out about the coming battle. What kind of harm do we do ourselves by denying the blessings? Leaving ourselves malnourished and weak for the battle.  Not wise.


He prepares the table but we must eat. By enjoying the blessings of our King we put fear into the hearts of our enemies. Our royal blessings are their curse. The gift of our strength is their defeat!

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