Do Good

This lie is the enemy’s most pernicious weapon. He tricks us into thinking that being a christian is about what we do or don’t do. It is not. We tend to judge our christian walk by the good things that we do or the bad things we don’t do, by our accomplishments for God or our victory over sin. -This is worldly thinking. We can judge sin as sin but we are not to judge the worth of a person by how good they are.  Believe it or not the enemy actually wants us to try and do things for God. As long as we are focused on doing things then we are not allowing God to do things through us. If we try to do things then we are depending on our own strength, counsel, guidance and abilities. When we succeed we cannot avoid the pride that comes along with the success. Oh yeah, the Devil loves that stuff.

Know Good

Nothing we can do will ever make us worthy of God’s love. We can do nothing to get to heaven. It doesn’t matter at all to our eternal destination of how much we deny our base instincts or reject evil thoughts. Oh it matters a lot, however,  to our lives now. There are definitely consequences to our actions in this world but no good person will get to heaven without Jesus Christ.

 “none is good, save one, that is, God.”

We are to surrender ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. Whether he uses us to be a good friend to someone in a time of need or He empowers us to be a good mom to one child or He calls us to be an evangelist that leads thousands to the Lord, it is God that works through us and accomplishes his purposes through us. The homeschool mom who never even leads a community bible study maybe as much in God’s will as the author of 30 theological books. The single mother working two jobs and teaching her children what Jesus looks like in her everyday walk maybe just as completely sold out to God as the motivational speaker that inspires thousands of Christians every day with her appearances world wide.

The Good Consequence

We are “good” christians if we know God through his son Jesus Christ. The better we know God then the closer in relationship we are to Him. The closer we are to God then the more like Him we will be. We are not supposed to try and be like Him in order to get close to Him, NO! That’s backwards! We focus on knowing him better, understanding him, hearing his voice then His character shines through us and we are more Christlike. That is Glorification!

“This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.”

If we are walking by Spirit and not by our flesh then our lives will be different than the world. Jesus says we will be known by our love for one another and by the fruit of that love. Our focus should not be being different than the world or even the production of fruit or being known as christians. Our focus is the surrender to God and truly knowing Him. How do we know him? Communication is the key (jn10:27):

  1. Read the Bible, this is God talking to you.
  2. Pray, this is you talking to God.
  3. Praise and Worship, this is placing yourself humbly in the relationship.

He will share the truth through us in love. He will accomplish his purposes through us as we give Him our very lives. As he does things through us then we have access to all power, all wisdom, all knowledge and His guidance.


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