“Father, how many legs would this calf have, calling the tail a leg? Why five, my son. No, father, he can not. He would have only four. Why, calling the tail a leg, you said, my boy. Ah father! but calling the tail a leg, does not make it so.”



I cannot change what marriage is.

Marriage was established by God (gen2:20-24), consistently defended (deu5:21) and upheld (ex20:17) and defined as a valid institution throughout scripture and confirmed by Jesus himself as being between one man and one woman(Mt19:5; Mk10:7,8). The government has no authority over God but only has authority under God (rm13:1). No government can change the definition of marriage. The most any government can do is regulate matrimony as it has already been defined and of course acknowledge civil unions. If those civil unions are not marriages and condone sex then they are by definition sinful even if legal. Calling something a word does not in any way change what it actually is. Holy Matrimony is between a husband and a wife. Calling a civil union between two men or two women a marriage does not actually make it a marriage (acts5:29).


I cannot change what sin is.

God calls the blessing of sex the intimate knowledge of one another (gen4:1) and restricts it as a blessing to be enjoyed within the confines of marriage. Sex outside of marriage is a sin (Heb13:4). It is a sin because it transgresses God. Adultery and homosexuality are sins (Rm1:26-28,1tim1:10). Man cannot change that. Saying that they are not sin, forbidding others to say they are sin, passing laws to ensure their legality, can never change their moral status. Even if the entire world, every christian, preacher, and politician agreed to say and indeed actually believed that homosexuality and adultery were not sinful, it would still not change the fact that they are sin. God is the final authority not man. We did not create God, he created us, therefore, he gets to dictate that which is against his nature. His nature is absolutely good so what is contrary to his nature is morally wrong. We cannot change the nature of God nor can we change what is morally wrong just to fit our current culture or our society’s mores.


I cannot change who God is.

Because the base idea is that God is the ultimate authority (Job 38) then to change christianity is to effectively abolish it. The bible is the final word on all matters of faith and practice then to change it is to destroy it making your changes the final word until you change it again of course. If we attempt to change these things then we only deceive ourselves. To change the bible in any way means that we have denied God’s authority over us and we have ourselves become our own god.



God cannot change who God is.

God loves us and his proclamations to us about sin are not arbitrary. Sin is that which goes against God’s character. Sin is that which separates us from God. Even God himself could not change his mind about who he is and what is sin. He is eternal and eternally good. (James 1:17)


The Good News

God loves us while we are still sinners and draws us to reconciliation and freedom from sin and death. God loves us too much to allow sin to reign in our lives. It is destructive and bad for us whether we believe it to be or not. We do not have to live in sin regardless of how trapped we feel by it. Our sin does not have to be identity. Instead of adulterers or thieves, or homosexuals, or liars, we can become Citizens of a Holy Kingdom, Royal Priests, new creatures, a called out people of God!  All we must do is ADMIT that we are sinners deserving death (rm3:10, rm6:23), then BELIEVE that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again on the third day (rm5:8,jn3:16) and then CONFESS that Jesus Christ is our LORD (rm10:9). If you have done this then praise God!


“Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge.”




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