For Us

Jesus is the foundation of the church (Mt16:18) so we must look to Him and his teaching on the matter of church purpose (Eph1:22). And according to the Teacher the church was not established to push programs or convince us of new visions (but you knew that). You may be surprised to know that it was not established to be an outreach into the unbelieving community. Believe it or not it was not even formed to win others to Christ.  Those things are important and we should not diminish their importance in any way but the purpose of the church as a meeting was specifically for believers to be joined together (Eph2:21). It is God’s provision for those he has called out of the world (Eph4:16). The description of the early church was that they came together for edification, fellowship, communion, and corporate worship (Acts2:42) as a Christ centered body. And finally we have clear instructions as to what the church is to be concerned with “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” – Col 3:16. That’s it, thats church purpose as defined by God. Amazing how complicated things can get after such simple instructions. The church is for us. It is a blessing from God to us. A place to come together in love. A community in and of itself. A place to pray for each other and connect and worship together. God made this provision for us. Let us be thankful!


Church Purpose Conclusion

  • Jesus Christ is the foundation of the church.
  • The gathering of the church is for the benefit of the believers.
  • A church gathering is for education, fellowship, communion, and worship.
  • We as church are called out of the world and as individuals are sent into it.
  • Through living in relationship with Jesus Christ and under the conviction of the Holy Spirit we are to teach others about Jesus Christ making disciples and baptizing them into the church.
  • The church is a gathering of the temple of God and a blessing to those that gather.
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