The reasons I cannot vote for Hillary.

I have included links in italics below to support my reasons.

She is openly pro-abortion.

She is a socialist. 

She is a criminal.

She is a killer.

She does not support the second amendment.


The reasons I cannot vote for Donald Trump: 

I have included links in italics below to support my reasons.

He is a owner of a strip club.

He is under investigation for fraud by the New York Attorney General.

He supports continued funding of Planned Parenthood has given to Planned Parenthood.

He has given millions to social democrats.

He supports fascism as a military strategy.

He does not support the first amendment.

He is a  liar.

He is a  xenophobe.

He is a racist and a has been fined for it and fired for it. 

He is a  misogynist.

He is a  birther

He is a bully 

He is an autocrat.

He is a hypocrite on trade.

He is a draft dodger.

I will not ever be able to vote for Trump. He has no political record except his support for social democrats and there is no reason to believe anything he says.  He is not a better option than Clinton and he is not the lesser evil. He is just evil, “some affirm that we say: ‘Let us do evil, that good may come.’ Their damnation is just.” Rm 3:8

“Of two evils, choose neither.” -Charles Spurgeon

Christians must turn from voting for the lesser of two evils and expecting an unrighteous act to produce a righteous result. Our only principled option is to join together and pray for a third party candidate to distinguish themselves. The Libertarian Party has Austin Petersen and The Constitution Party has Darrel Castle.

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